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A Guide to Binding Safely

3rd August 2021

Binding is a way of temporarily making your chest look flatter and is often done to relieve gender dysphoria. Who is binding for? Anyone who wants to bind is free to do so. It isn’t limited to only dysphoric non…

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Words of Advice from Parents of Trans Young People

11th June 2021

It can be very challenging trying to navigate information and resources that are best suited to help you, as a parent / carer, support your children. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find people who best relate to your situation. In…

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Ways to support your Trans child

11th May 2021

Children and young people that are coming out as trans or are unsure whether they’re trans may need additional support from you, the parents / carers, with regards to specific support about gender identity. It can be difficult to know…

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4 LGBT+ Figures in African History

6th May 2021

4 LGBT+ Figures in African History Queen Nzinga (1583 – 1663): Queen Nzinga ruled the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba in modern day Angola. She assumed power after the death of her father and brother due to a period…

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Evaluation of the yOUTh Service (2021 Report)

6th May 2021

On April 22nd and April 29th we held two sessions of our showcase event. This event had a focus on the experiences of LGBT+ young people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It was best that the event highlight on the ease…

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LGBT Young People’s Mystery Shopper Report

16th July 2019

A short mystery shopper report by LGBT young people in Kirklees to help improve access and service provision. A big thank you to all the young people who took part and our staff who supported them. Grateful thanks to the…

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LGBT needs research and evaluation of the yOUTh project

11th April 2019

We’re pleased to present the first report from our yOUTh service, evaluating the work over the past year and looking at the needs of LGBT young people in Kirklees. We’re grateful to Dr Eleanor Formby, Sheffield Hallam University and Dr…

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