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We asked the young people at our focus group what it is they would like professionals be more aware of. You can see their responses below.

  • Be supportive regardless of your personal views & opinions
  • Unless you need to, don’t ask my sexuality, just see the person in front of you
  • Be more aware of triggers
  • Confidentiality is REALLY important
  • Do not assume my gender
  • Ask me for my pronouns and tell me yours
  • Create a confidential space and environment for me
  • You can engage with us differently, it doesn’t have to be face-to-face. Text, group chat & email are all good
  • Be available when we need you, we don’t live 9-5
  • Think about how you present information. If we have additional needs, we may need info in a different colour. We may like information and support in language other than English
  • More representation in materials & info, paper based and websites. We need to see us
  • As above but from a young age & in lessons at school
  • Make sure all your contact details are up to date, keep info current & relevant
  • Keep information easy to read and take in
  • Keep your training up to date, we are probably seeing you for help with something else. We don’t want to have to explain to you what the T stands for first
  • This is not a trend any more than your sexual or gender identity is

Supporting Trans and Gender Questioning Students:

This guide, created by the National Education Union,  aims to look at first steps in supporting gender-variant or questioning students in the educational environment and point to resources that may be useful to school and college staff in achieving this.

Supporting trans and gender questioning students

Glossary of terms

There are lots of terms that are now used within the LGBT community. Ask questions if you are unsure which terms are correct, apologise if you get it wrong and attempt to make the person you are supporting know that you are trying your best. A useful list of terms can be found below.

Stonewall glossary of terms

LGBT+ Engagement Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to provide practical, informative and useful advice and support on how to improve engagement with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender (LGBT+) communities.

The document can be found here

LGBT+Engagement Toolkit Sept 2020 (singles)_compressed